To Add or Edit the Documents Templates issued after a payment: 

Settings - Documents Templates - Add Documents Template (or click on Settings to edit an existing template)

Select a template from the list:

  • A5
  • A4
  • 80mm (standard for CUSTOM printers);
  • A6.

Click on OK and fill in the following fields:


  • Type: format selected during the creation of the template. IT CANNOT BE CHANGED
  • Name: name of the template that will be visible during payment procedures
  • Numerator: numeration of the document. To create different numerators -> Document Numerators
  • Visible: it determines if the document template will be available to use during payment procedures
  • Print Two Copies (only for A5 docs): to print 2 copies of the A5 document on a A4 sheet
  • Receiptto automatically print the receipt with compatible cash registers
  • Credit Note: it determines if the document will be used as credit note. Useful for refunds.


  •  Header: default text at the head of the document

  • Footnotesdefault text at the bottom of the document

  • Choose a default cash register from the list to make receipt-printing automatic.                                                                        To know more about cash register management -Cash Registers

  • Choose a default document printer: printer to associate with the document to speed up the printing process
  • Number of default copies to be printed
Click on Save Changes

To edit the layout and add the data of the company to the document click on Layout (next to the document's name) 

A new window will open for you to edit the document. Once you have finished click on Show Preview and then Save Changes.


To delete the document just click on the button Delete (next to the Layout button).