For online purchases it is possible to either click on the button on the Home Page or filter by type on the left-hand side of the page

New Purchase

The page will provide a summary of the activities available for sale. By clicking on one of the activities the user can choose to purchase a multipack (if there are multipacks linked to that activity they will appear below the timetable) or a course (whose availability depends on how many places are left). 


Once the user click on "renewals" the system will provide a list of the existing subscriptions available for renewal. 

After clicking on the button "renewal" next to the name of the subscription, the system will automatically select the next scheduled course with the same characteristics (days, time, place...) of the previous one purchased by the user. To renew a subscription with a different attendance (for example, change the swimming course that takes place on Mondays with the one scheduled on Tuesdays) it will be necessary to contact the club.

A subscription can be renewed only if it has been planned in the system.