Subscriptions - Details

In order to book one or more classes, click on the clock icon. If there is no icon, it means that the person is already booked in for all the classes available.

If you click on the name of a subscription, you can see the details. 

If it is a pass, you will also have a summary of the credit that has been initially sold, the amount of credit consumed and the remaining credit.

The system provides info about the price list used to sell the subscription and the items included (classes for example).

The table offers an overview of the value deducted for each class (if it is a pass) and the reservations made by the user.

Under "Classes" the system provides a summary of the current and past reservations.

On the right side of the window it is possible to book new classes, renew the subscription or freeze it.

If you click on actions you can refund the subscription, delete it, or change the holder of the subscription.

Services - Details

The section "Services" provides a summary of all the services booked/purchased by the user.

The icons have the following meaning:

 the service has been booked but it has not been paid yet

 the service has been paid but it has not been booked yet

 the service has already been enjoyed or it has expired

The button on the right is to cancel the booking of a service.

If you click on actions you will be able to provide a refund for the service or simply delete it.