Sportrick offers two ways to look at the planning.

To check the Course Availability you will have to select a season first.

Other optional filters are:

  • Sub-season
  • Activity
  • Skills
  • Trainer
  • Course Tag

then click on Search to view the availability of the classes with a similar time.

In order to view the details (they will appear in a table below the main one) just click on one of the available courses.

Waiting List for Courses

Waiting lists are available for single classes and also for the whole course.

In order to add one or more people to the waiting list of a course you will need to make sure that the waiting list is enabled for that activity:

Settings - Activity

Once you have defined the criteria for your research, the system will provide the results in a table on the right.

Click on the required course and click on the button  to add people to the waiting list for that course:

Type in the name/s of the people you intend to add to the waiting list and click on add.

It will be also visible in the person's profile: