The creation of a package of classes (course) is very simple. When a person purchases a package of classes, the system automatically books the person in for each class of the course. Conversely, multipacks let a person choose which classes to reserve. 


after you have created a package, you can click on Edit next to the name of the package in the table below to enable catch-up classes for that course.

To Sum Up:


Standard Package: it is a sale type that cannot be amended during the sale procedure. 

If a package of classes has been created for Monday and Thursday with bi-weekly attendance, the customer will be allowed to attend these classes only on Monday and Thursday.

Free Mode: it is possible to select multiple days and during the sale procedure the operator can pick the desired days among those available according to the planning. If for example there is no more availability to enroll on the Monday course, a person can still pick another day (or combination of days if the package allows multiple-day attendance during the week).