The Access Control section shows the club's entrance and exit records. There are two buttons at the top left corner:

  • Today: the system shows the last 10 access on record and a short description of each. You can click on the name of the person to open his/her profile.
  • List: there are two types of lists available:

    • Today: click on the button Load today's access record to see a list of the access/exit records of the present day      Icons = access,  = exit,  = blocked. The third column provides details. 

    • Access history: you can filter access records by date (all records until the day prior to the present date).

You can use the Search Field to filter access records by name and surname of the user.

To simulate the access of a user (for example if the user has forgotten his/her card), click on the yellow button (to simulate the access with a barcode reader) or, alternatively, type in the name of the person.