SportRick offers a series of reports for advanced analysis (pivot). You can drag and drop the available filters in order to see the required results. 

The reports available for advanced analysis are:

  • Subscription: you can filter all the subscriptions that have been sold by sale date/purchase date and by start of validity/end of validity. The system provides the number of subscriptions sold and the corresponding revenue
  • Courses: you can see how many people enrolled
  • Multipack: you can see all the multipacks that have been sold
  • ProShop: you can see all the sales made via ProShop
  • Accounting: income & expenses
  • Appointments: summary of the agenda of operators/trainers
  • Area scheduler: time (in minutes) that each activity takes up in a specific area 
  • Entries: you can see all the entries to the centre
  • Entries per head: you can see all the entries to the centre filtered by person
  • Social Booking: you can see the social statistics about your club members
  • Crm: you can assess CRM tasks and filter them by day/month/year/time/person and expiry date


  1. click on Reports - Advanced Analysis

2. a new window will open up. You can select a report from the drop-down menu

3. once you have selected the report you require, you can add and remove filters as needed

4. You can pick some of the entries to filter your results further.