From the ProShop window you can sell various items through buttons. Items can be purchased by an anonymous customer or a person registered in the system. 

How to sell an item:

Click on ProShop. A new page will open up.

You can click on the corresponding button to select an item (if they have been divided into categories during planning they will appear in separate sections). On each button you can see the number of items available and the price. 

Otherwise click on Item List to see all the available items (you can also filter them by warehouse).

Once you have selected one ore more items, they will appear on the right.

You can click twice or multiple times on the same button to increase the quantity for that item 

(i.e. to sell 2 pairs of goggles, click twice on the button). Otherwise, click on  

To delete one or more items, click on  

To empty the basket click on  

To edit the price/quantity of an item, click on  specify the new price and then click on OK to confirm or Cancel to restore the previous data.

If the customer is registered in the system, type in his/her name or scan the membership card.

As you can see, the customer can choose different types of payment. 

If you click on the instalment/wallet option, the system will open the default payment page.

Please see here for further details: Wallet - Instalments

If the customer is anonymous the button marked in red won't be available. 

Click on confirm to complete the sale.

The details of the purchase will be recorded in the user's profile (click on ProShop).

To be able to see all the documents related to sales to anonymous customers and members, click on the button Documents.