In order to create and manage new users, click on Settings, Users’ Management, click on Insert User and choose between:

Super User



A part from the Super User, the other roles have managing restrictions:

A Trainer can manage:

  • REPORTS: only assigned Standard and Custom Exports;
  • PLANNING: agenda of scheduled classes and class booking;
  • TRAINERS: whole section related to trainers.

A User can manage:
  • FRONT OFFICE: Search, Users' List, Sales, Payments, Documents, CRM and Proshop items
  • ACCESS CONTROL: access and exit control and access simulation;
  • REPORTS: assigned Standard Exports, assigned Custom Exports and Marketing;
  • PLANNING: agenda of scheduled classes, class booking, cancelled bookings, wait-list.

To add a new user, specify the email address as username and a password, pick a user group and then confirm.

The password is temporary, users will be able to change after they log in.