Sportrick's E-Commerce focuses on social relations to boost the interaction between the club's members and between clients and trainers. 

In the main page the user can access directly to the Social aspect of the system by clicking on the corresponding button. The personal agenda displays the user's appointments and reservations.

Once the user has clicked on the "Social" button

the page will display invitations, the list of friends, the list of groups the user is member of and the user's agenda.

On the left side of the page, the user can click on each single option to open them individually


To invite a friend to a class: Invite a Friend

To invite a friend to a group, please see below under "Groups"


It is possible to add new friends by clicking on the corresponding button and typing the email address of the person for the invitation to be sent out. 

The button Actions is useful to delete friendships or to create a group.


Groups can also be created in the corresponding section by clicking on the button "Create Group"

It is sufficient to specify a name and description and click on OK.

There are three buttons next to each group that has been created: "Invite Friends", "Delete" and "Create Group Event". 

The button "Actions" is useful to delete multiple groups by selecting them first.

Create Group Event


Events creations is possible only inside existing groups. This means that only the members of a group will get the invitation to an event. To create it, click on the corresponding button and specify the details.

After the confirmation (OK button) the system will send out the invitation to all the members of the group.

the event will also appear in the agenda

A member can leave a group by clicking on the corresponding button. A group can be deleted only by the user who created it.


If a user attends to a class/activity, it is possible for them to express their appreciation or disappointment.

They system will let a user vote only if the user has actually taken part into a specific activity.

It is sufficient to click on the number of stars to rate an activity (1 = completely dissatisfied 5 = extremely satisfied)

Once the user clicks on OK it is no longer possible to change their rating.